How to find everything you need! 

We will provide you with google maps adresses where u will find everything. 

By clicking on highlighted text you will be redirected on mentioned web page.


Where are you going? 

You are going to Žilina which is located on north of Slovakia it's fourth largest city in Slovakia.


Where will you be accomodated? 

You can be accomodated at two locations.

First one is Hliny

UZ Hliny V


Ul. Hlinská, 010 54 Žilina
Tel.: +421-41-513 14 76-77

Web Pages


The accommodation facility in Hliny V provides accommodation in 9 blocks.
There are units for 5 people.
Unit consists with 2-/3- beds rooms, a hall and a toilet.
There are shared showers on each floor. In the facility there are television rooms, study rooms, conference rooms, kitchenettes, FIT centre, climbing wall, two boxing rings for Thai box, aerobics, squash, infra sauna, finish sauna, whirlpool bath, solarium, COPY centre.
The facility offers hairdressing salon for men and women, dentist, massage salon and student employment agency.
There is the possibility of free parking.


Second one is Veľký diel

UZ Veľký Diel


Ul. vysokoškolákov, 010 08 Žilina
Tel.: +421-41-565 25 07, 513 14 70,


The accommodation facility in Veľký Diel offers 2330 beds located in the following three buildings:

Block A-B-C-D:
Double and triple rooms.
There are shared lavatories and showers on each floor.
Each floor has a kitchenette.

Block E-F and G-H:
Triple rooms.
Lavatory and shower in each room.
Each floor has a kitchenette.
All rooms have internet access.
There are snack-bar, coffee-bar and pizza place in blocks DE-DF and DG-DH.
Near the area there is a catering facility with a capacity of about 1000 people.
It offers boarding and social events.
A modern self-service laundry located on the ground floor of the DG building is available for accommodated students.
Meeting rooms, clubhouses and cinema for about 150 people are also available for students.
There is the possibility of parking for cars.


Third option is that you will find accomodation by yourself, but we will not be able to help you out with this task, only with translation if must.


How to come to the Žilina, Slovakia?

By train

Many of Europe’s busiest train routes pass through or very near Slovakia. It is very simple
to reach Slovakia from neighbouring countries. There are also regular trains directly to and from
some cities in Germany, Italy and Russia. Generally, the train fares are very low. The train network
in Slovakia is well developed, and trains are the most comfortable way to travel. Check out the web
site of Slovak Railways for a train schedule available in english version.

By bus


Most countries in Europe are connected with Slovak destinations by regular service,
usually direct (Eurolines provides service from 21 European towns).

By car 

ŽIlina - there is map if you click on highlighted text.

Slovakia is now in the process of connecting it's key cities by highways, but this project will
not be complete for few more years.
However, smaller roads are generally in good condition.
Roads are marked as in Western Europe.
You don’t have to pay any taxes or fees (only at highways you need to buy highway ticket).
Hitch-hiking is common, and legal except major highways but we don't recommend

Public transport in Žilina 

There are two ways how to find when and where is leaving any bus in ŽIlina. 
For example you will search from rail station in ŽIlina - Železničná stanica(1. bus stop) to Hliny dormitory - Hlinská(2. bus stop)

First web site to search for buses.

Second website to search for buses.

I, the president of ESN, personally use first one beacuse it's simple and easy to find everything, but we wanted to give you more options.  

Regular bus transport starts around 5 am and finishes around 11:00 pm.
Bus tickets for students with ISIC are discounted that means prices are 45 cents for 12 minutes and 55 cents for 1 hour.
There is possibility to pay by card in middle of the bus on YELLOW card reader. 


The taxi fare from the centre of Zilina to the dormitory Hliny or Veľký Diel is average 4,00 €.