How to get here?

By train
Many of Europe’s busiest train routes pass through or very near Slovakia. It is very simple
to reach Slovakia from neighbouring countries. There are also regular trains directly to and from
some cities in Germany, Italy and Russia. Generally, the train fares are very low. The train network
in Slovakia is well developed, and trains are the most comfortable way to travel. Check out the web
site of Slovak Railways for a train schedule available in english version.

By bus
Most countries in Europe are connected with Slovak destinations by regular service,
usually direct (Eurolines provides service from 21 European towns).

By car
Slovakia is now in the process of connecting its key cities by highways, but this project will
not be complete for few more years. However, smaller roads are generally in good condition. Roads
are marked as in Western Europe. You don’t have to pay any taxes or fees (only at highways you
need to buy highway ticket). Hitch-hiking is common, and legal except major highways.

Public transport in Žilina
Regular bus transport starts around 5 am and finishes around 11:00 pm. Bus ticket price starts at 35 cent.


The taxi fare from the centre of Zilina to the dormitory is average 4,00 €.