ESN UNIZA is a part of ESN Slovakia, nestled in north-western Slovakia around 200 kilometers distance from the capital Bratislava in the town Žilina. 
Our student organization started its existence in April 2008.  We are here to help students coming to Žilina as a part of their international study abroad. Our aim is to ensure that International Exchange students receive the warmest welcome and feel integrated into our community. We organize events and parties throughout the year so that you can get to know other Exchange students, discover the Žilina region and the rest of Slovakia, as well as experience some Slovak traditions. 

We are also here to answer any questions as best we can. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll try and find out, or point in the right direction. So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Description of Section:

A small section, with growing numbers of incoming Erasmus students and team members. We are trying to deliver the best experience from staying in our city and university and make it an unforgettable memory. Our organizational structure is quite open and linear. We prefer to work together on all events and projects, so every member of ESN UNIZA can take his part. Thus we don’t have a traditional “one-to-one” buddy system, but we use everyone available. Erasmus students can get to know the whole team from the beginning and become friends with everybody. 

History of Section:

After Kvetka Mišiaková returned from her Erasmus in  2008, she became eager to care for incoming students. She founded our section and had a key role in forming it. The start wasn’t easy, though the University had to be convinced about the importance and significance of ESN presence. In the following years, enthusiastic students were joining our section. Since we had only a tiny number of Erasmus students, we managed to run ESN UNIZA in a stable team of 5-10 people, plus some extra buddies and less active members.

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You can find us here:

Univerzitná 1


010 26



IČO: 00397 563

DIČ: 20 20 67 78 24

Bankový účet: SK 20 20 67 78 24


Statute of ESN UNIZA is linked as attachment in the bottom of this page.

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