In Slovakia, we have national holidays during which, all shops are closed. So mind this information in advance, in order to avoid starvation. However, some restaurants (depends on the owner) remain open during these days. Luckily, also University is closed on these days :). Public transport works in reduced timetable. Here is a list of National Holidays for Summer Semester 2023/24:

Date Holiday
Jan 1 (Monday) Establishment of Slovak Republic
Jan 6 (Saturday) Day of Holy Trinity
Mar 29 (Friday) Holy Friday (Easter)
Apr 1 (Monday) Holy Monday (Easter)
May 1 (Wednesday) Holiday of Work
May 8 (Wednesday) Victory Over Fascism Day
Jul 5 (Friday) Saint Cyril and Methodius Day
Aug 29 (Thursday) Slovak Uprising Memorial Day
Sep 1 (Sunday) Slovak Constitution Day
Sep 15 (Sunday) Our Lady of Sorrows Day