This page provides basic information concerning accommodation possibilities in Žilina, mainly:

  1. Hliny V. Dormitory

  2. Veľký Diel Dormitory

  3. Other Temporary Accommodations

Hliny V. Dormitory


Hliny Dormitory, as well as the other dorms, is a part of the University of Žilina. The Hliny Dormitory provides accommodation for almost 2,000 students on all three levels of university studies.



Provided accommodation for Erasmus students is in buildings H3 and H5. Once you accommodate yourself, you´ll get a white accommodation card with your name and photo. Please, don’t lose it. The dormitory ladies that work at the reception might check on you any time they want, so you need to identify yourself somehow (the ISIC card only works as a key to the building – you need to scan it at the main door to let yourself in – but only the accommodation card serves as an ID). You´ll need it every time you want something from the dorm ladies – keys to the kitchen, to do your laundry… keep it safe, please.

The dormitory ladies work at the reception 24/7 in case you need anything. Unfortunately, they don’t speak any English but will try to talk to you anyway. You will make the conversation work with hands and feet after a few weeks. But please, always be nice to them and they will be nice to you too. To make them happy, you can say “Dobrý deň” when passing the reception (“Hello/Good day”) and smile a little. It won´t hurt to learn some basic Slovak vocabulary and phrases too to deal with the everyday stuff.

When you come late to the dorms (after midnight), the door will be locked so you need to ring the bell. Once the dormitory lady lets you in, you´ll need to show her your accommodation card. She will write you down, but you won´t have any problem with it, it´s just a management thing. Just stay calm and when leaving, say “Dobrú noc” (Good night). What may cause a problem (and a fee) is disturbing the night's peace or sneaking foreign people inside the dorms. And also drinking in the halls. Please, don’t do that. Ever.

On the first floor in both buildings, the first floor is a public hostel, so you might run into random guests from time to time. Please, don’t disturb their stay. Also, if your friends from other cities want to come see you, they can accommodate themselves there.



Every room unit is equipped with a refrigerator. The unit consists of a little entrance hall with a fridge and sink, a 2-bed room, a 3-bed room, and a private toilet. There is a possibility to ask in advance for a private room to have more space (the number is limited, so ask your coordinator in further advance!!). The rooms are only furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and closet for each person in the room (either two or three of each).


There is no room service (cleaning, changing the sheets, taking out the trash). Also, you won´t get fresh towels, only clean sheets at the reception. You can wash them yourself in the laundry room or you can ask the dorm ladies for a clean one (they will usually ask you if you want to change them every 2-3 weeks).

At the reception, you can also borrow a vacuum cleaner and some cleaning supplies for free (in exchange for your accommodation card).

Laundry room and Drying room

The laundry room (“práčovňa”) is in the entry hall. The washing machines are not free, usually, you need to pay 2€ per 2-hour wash. Also, there are no washing products, so you better you’re your own (the best ones are the all-in-one capsules that you just throw inside the machine.

When your clothes are clean, you can use the drying room (“sušiareň”) on the fourth floor with shared racks to hang them. Please, don’t occupy this shared space for too long.

Shared rooms – shower, kitchen, study room

On every floor, there is a shared bathroom with 4 shower heads, but don’t worry, you can lock the entire room for privacy. Furthermore, on floors 2 and 4, there is a shared kitchen with a sink, some cupboards, a mini fridge, and a stove. On the 5th and 6th floors, there are study rooms. To be able to use either the kitchen or a study room, again you need to ask the dorm ladies for a key (and leave your card there). Once you´re done in the kitchen, clean up after yourself and return the key. There are usually some shared pans, pots, and dishes, but you can also use your own. 



The Hliny Dormitory consists of 9 buildings accommodating students, Stará Menza (canteen and café), and a Sports Facility.

Stará Menza

Stara Menza is located in the middle of the whole area. On the first floor, there is a university canteen, on the second floor there is a student café/bar and from behind there is a Sports Facility with a gym. In the basement of Stará Menza, there is an underground bar called K2 which often hosts many interesting events (karaoke night, Halloween party, etc.). But most importantly, there is a climbing wall for bouldering in the back of the bar.


When you enter the building, the canteen is on the left. You can get food here from Monday to Friday. You can either order it beforehand through portal (once you activate your university account), or you can pay on the spot with money charged to your ISIC. The menu always offers 3 meals you can choose from. All of them consist of soup (“polievka”), a main meal, and a refillable drink. There is always pizza as well but not for everyone (first come, first take). Just tell the ladies which number you want, then click it on the machine and scan your ISIC.

The menu is published daily on Menza´s Instagram or on the website we already mentioned above.

Stará Menza bar

When you enter the building and go up the stairs, you´ll get to the Stara Menza bar. You can either go there for drinks or you can play some darts, billiard, or bowling with your friends. Keep in mind that THEY DON´T SPLIT THE BILL and paying by card is available for over 20€.

Sports Facility

When you go around the building, you will find two stairs, one on the left leads to a Copy Center and the other one to the sports hall and the gym. When you enter, the sports hall will be on the left, and down the stairs there is a university gym. You can assign your P.E. as a part of your uni schedule (but it will be obligatory to go there regularly), or you can pay 1,50€ every time you go there. There is also an option to buy a permanent ticket (35€ per semester).

You can assign for other sports at

More information about sports opportunities here: 


Veľký Diel Dormitory


Accommodation in Veľký Diel dorms is quite similar to at Hliny dorms, even though Veľký Diel might be a bit bigger. Veľký Diel has the advantage that it´s much closer to the university, just across a hill.

There are 8 blocks of buildings for students as well as for other guests listed from letters A to H. Except for Slovak students, block G-H accommodates Erasmus students and other tourists too.



At the block G-H where Erasmus students stay, there are 3-bed rooms with their own fridge, toilet, and shower. On each floor, there is a shared kitchen, which may also be equipped with a bunch of common pots and pans.

This dormitory also doesn’t provide room service, such as cleaning, changing sheets or towels.

Once you get accommodated, you will receive a yellow accommodation card with your photo. The rules are just the same as at the Hliny dorms. Don’t lose it. Ever. You will need it when you want something from the reception – vacuum cleaner, clean sheets, board games… anything and everything revolves around the accommodation card.

Also, the “rules” regarding the dorm ladies apply as well. As long as you´re nice, they are nice. Always greet them, they are also just humans only doing their job.

Laundry room

In the basement, there is a laundry room with 3 or 4 huge washing machines. The price of one washing cycle is 1-2€. You need to bring your own washing products too.



Just outside the block G-H, you will find a student pizzeria and bar Paladeo. They have delicious pizza and cheap beer and often host karaoke as well.

When you enter the G-H and go past the reception, on the left there is our ESN office. Our meetings are every Monday in case you need help with anything.

Before you pass the reception, look at the right door and you will see an entrance to the dormitory cinema! People from GAMA KLUB take care of this place and play movies every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 20,00. The entrance fee is voluntary, and the popcorn is only for 0,50€.

In the block E-F, there is a buffet, café and Treska bar (little canteen).

Near the dormitory, there is the Nová Menza canteen. It´s a modern and bigger version of Stará Menza from Hliny dorms. There are also more menu options. Just across from the Nová Menza, you will see the University Library.

When you march to the left from Nová Menza – to the direction of the university – you will go past the Veľký Diel gym.



FUN FACT: Both Hliny dorms and Veľký Diel dorms have their student radio. At Hliny there is RAPEŠ and at Veľký Diel there is RÁDIO X. Both organize fun events and are good friends of ours.


  • hello – dobrý / dobrý deň
  • goodbye – dovidenia
  • thank you – ďakujem
  • please – prosím
  • kitchen – kuchyňa
  • laundry room – práčovňa
  • drying room – sušiareň
  • study room – študovňa
  • May I have the kitchen key, please? – Prosím si kľúč od kuchynky.
  • … laundry room key … - Prosím si kľúč od práčovne.
  • … drying room key … - Prosím si kľúč od sušiarne.
  • … study room key (small/big) … - Prosím si kľúč od (malej/veľkej) študovne.
  • May I have the vacuum cleaner, please? – Prosím si vysávač.
  • I would like a menu number of 1/2/3. – Prosím si menu jeden/dva/tri.
  • I would like to have chicken with rice. – Prosím si kuracie s ryžou. (this offer is usually every day)
  • I would like fried cheese. – Prosím si vyprážaný syr. (this is also available every day) 
  • I would like to have a beer. – Prosím si pivo.
  • I would like to pay. – Zaplatím.


More information about Accommodation, Eating and Sport Opportunities here:



Temporary Accommodation

These are some temporary accommodations when you don’t have the option to stay at the dorms yet, or you simply don’t want to.

Airbnb – always the most comfy option, not only for short stays.

“Ubytovanie za dobrú cenu” – it´s cheap but well-looking and it´s near the city center.

  1. :
  2. :

Hotel Dom Techniky – cheap … will do. Just a few steps from the city center.

  1. :
  2. :

Penzión Kamélia – this is a bit more expensive, but it´s worth the money. The building is beautiful, inside and out.

  1. :
  2. :

Hotel Slovakia Žilina – budget-friendly, right in the city center, next to a shopping mall.

  1. :
  2. :