Studying in Žilina


Structure and degrees

The University of Žilina consists of seven faculties and one institute that provide Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree study courses, and carry out intensive research activities and international cooperation.

The University of Žilina confers the following academic degrees and titles: Bakalár (Bachelor), Magister/Inžinier (Master), Doctor (Philosophiae Doctor - PhD), Docent (Associated Professor), Profesor (Professor).



Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications
(Fakulta prevádzky a ekonomiky dopravy a spojov)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 30 51
Fax: +421 – 41 – 513 15 27

Departments of: Road and Urban Transport, Railway Transport, Air Transport, Water Transport, Communications, Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic Informatics

Faculty’s mission: High quality education, science and research in the field of engineering, operational, technological and commercial-economic disciplines of transport and communications for prospective careers of our students.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
(Strojnícka fakulta)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 25 00
Fax: +421 – 41 – 565 29 40

Departments of: Materials Engineering, Design and Machine Elements, Power Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Technological Engineering, Transport Techniques and Handling Equipment, Automation and Production Systems, Machining and Manufacturing Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Automotive Technology, Applied Mathematics

Faculty’s mission: To prepare future generations of university - educated experts who are capable of solving complicated technical problems.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering
(Elektrotechnická fakulta)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 20 51
Fax: +421 – 41 – 513 15 15

Departments of: Power Electrical Systems, Mechatronics and Electronics, Physics, Control and Information Systems, Telecommunications and Multimedia, Electromagnetic and Biomedical Engineering, Measurement and Applied Electrical Engineering, Engineering Fundamentals, Experimental Electrical Engineering.

Faculty’s mission: The Faculty’s mission is to provide the highest possible quality of research, education and training in order to meet the needs of individuals, communities and enterprises.


Faculty of Civil Engineering
(Stavebná fakulta)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 55 01
Fax: +421 – 41 – 723 35 02

Departments of: Highway Engineering, Geodesy, Geotechnics, Building Engineering and Urban Planning, Construction Management, Structural Mechanics, Structures and Bridges, Railway Engineering

Other unit: Accredited Laboratories.

Faculty’s mission: To learn to adapt to changing market conditions, to be open to our clients requirements.


Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
(Fakulta riadenia a informatiky)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26, Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 40 51
Fax: +421 – 41 – 565 20 44

Departments of: Transportation Networks, Information Networks, Informatics, Management Theories, Macro and Microeconomics, Mathematical Methods, Software Technologies, Technical Cybernetics

Faculty’s mission: Management and Information processes - The cradle of the future high-powered technologies.


Faculty of Special Engineering
(Fakulta špeciálneho inžinierstva)

Ul. 1. mája 32, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 66 01
Fax: +421 – 41 – 513 66 20

Departments of: Crisis Management, Fire Management, Security Management, Technical Sciences and Informatics.

Faculty’s Mission: To prepare university educated managers and experts for solution of crisis situations in all spheres of human life.

Faculty of Science
(Fakulta prírodných vied)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 41 – 513 61 01
Fax: +421 – 41 – 564 30 85

Departments of: Mathematics, Mediamatics and Cultural Heritage, Pedagogical Studies, Music, English Language and Literature, Foreign Languages.
Faculty’s Mission: The Faculty of Science in its structure contributes to the enrichment of the University profile with humanities and science education.


Research Institute of High Mountain Biology
(Výskumný ústav vysokohorskej biológie)

Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina
Tel: +421 – 52 – 449 91 08


Study programmes in English

Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communication
Air Transport Professional Pilot – Bc., MSc Study programme
Business and Management Economics – MSc. Study programme
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mechanics – MSc. Study programme
Industrial Engineering – MSc. Study programme
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering – Bc., MSc. Study programme
Electric Drives – MSc. Study programme
Telecommunication and Radiocommunication Engineering – MSc. Stuty programme
Theoretical Electr. Engineering - PhD. Study programme
Power Electrical Engineering - PhD. Study programme
Process Control - PhD. Study programme
Telecommunications - PhD. Study programme
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Road Engineering – MSc. Study programme
Railway Engineering - MSc. Study programme
Objects of Transport Strictures – MSc. Study programme
Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
Informatics – Bc. Study programme
Information Systems – MSc. Study programme
Institute of High Mountain Biology
Ranger – Bc. Study Programme

ECTS/European Credit Transfer System is a system based on student workload. A certain number of ECTS credits is assigned to each course. 60 ECTS credits represent a year of full time study and 30 ECTS represent one semester.

Academic year

Dates of the academic year:
Autumn Semester         -  End of September – December
Examination period       - January – Middle of February
Spring Semester           - Middle of February –Middle of May
Examination period       - Middle of May – End of June