We have prepared a day trip for you to the Tatra dome of Ice (where we will see huge ice sculptures made of 1880 blocks of ice and 12m tall) in Hrebienok in High Tatras and a small hike/walk around
Štrbské Pleso and return from Tatras by Cog-wheel railway.

There's still snow (yaaay) so it's strongly recommended to wear warm, waterproof WINTER SHOES and WARM CLOTHES.

THE PRICE: FREE!!! - There's no admission to the Ice dome and trains are for free (for those, who has ISIC cards and white train cards for free trains). Anything extra is up to you. :)

Ice scupltures:

How it looks like:

We would depart from Zilina by train at 6:44 am to Poprad, then change the trains and arrive at Stary Smokovec at 10 am
From there, we will hike together about 45 minutes to Hrebienok.
It's a gentle hike, not really steep but for people who are not a big fan of physical activities, there's also a train for 8€

Then we would have a lunch break, there's a restaurant or you can bring yourself some food or we will return back to Stary Smokovec and have lunch there. (Might be cheaper :D)
After returning to Stary Smokovec we will take another train to Strbske Pleso and have a walk around a lake where you can take some nice pictures.
As the last part of the program, we will take a Cog-wheel train to Strba and change train to Zilina. Estimated time of return to Zilina around 9 pm.

07/03/2020 - 07:00
  • Everyone is invited.