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About University

The University of Žilina was founded in 1953. During long years of existence, we have succeeded in creating an inspiring teaching and research environments. This can be seen from the internationally recognised results that our teachers and researchers have achieved on many fronts. All of the University’s faculties have been evaluated by international commissions of the European University Association. We have been particularly interested in utilising the new areas of autonomy to open up in order to comparatively strengthen the University image and capabilities in research and education at home and abroad. It is a hopeful sign for the future that our young colleagues, in particular, are producing good results and are among the very best nationally and internationally. Numerous student exchange programs and research collaborations are an everyday part of life at the University of Žilina.
What began with long years of co-operation between individual faculties and partners, developed into present University partnerships? Such co-operation not only serves to enhance science, teaching and research, but also promote intercultural exchange students gain auxiliary qualifications by doing part of their studies abroad. Over and above this, a number of co-operation agreements have been signed between universities, faculties and departments.

An important aspect is transmitting results for a broad public, a practice that is known a social and economic valorisation. The university facilitates this in many ways. For example by creation of many special structural units.
The university is one of the region largest employers with around 1400 staff and 12500 students and approximately 650 instructors, among them 98 university professors and about 350 teachers with scientific degrees.

In addition, the University buildings are landmarks throughout by city. What’s more, they are also interface between the people since many buildings serve as venue for public events. Everyday life is also marked by the University and its students, restaurants, coffee-houses, student pubs and other hang-outs.

As much as, we strove to meet representabilities toward the search for truth and the knowledge proliferation the University of Žilina has its feet firmly planted in the intellectual, social and political realities of the country.


Name and Address
Žilinská univerzita (University of Žilina)
Univerzitná 8215/1
010 26 Žilina

Tel: +421 – 41 - 513 51 51 , +421 – 41 - 513 51 33
Fax: +421 – 41 - 513 50 51, +421 – 41 - 513 50 56
E-mail: info@rekt.uniza.sk
Web: www.uniza.sk
GPS: 49° 12`8.26“A
18° 45`23.6“E



University of Žilina (ŽU) was established on 1st October 1953 by the separation from the Czech College of Technology in Prague as the College of Railway Transport. It had 5 faculties: transport, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and a military faculty.

In 1959, the College of Railway Transport in Prague was renamed the College of Transport and on 6th September 1960 it was relocated from Prague to Žilina. On its relocation to Žilina, the College of Transport consisted of the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport, the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Military Faculty.

In 1980 the school received the name the college of Transport and Communications in Žilina.
In compliance with Act No. 324/1996 of the Code of the year 1996 the College of Transport and Communications was renamed the University of Žilina.

In 1996-1997, the University of Žilina acquired two new faculties – the faculty of catechism and Education which later went on to be two new Slovak universities.
The University of Žilina provides education at all three levels of higher education both in fulltime and part-time forms (Bachelor's degree, Engineer/Master's degree and Doctoral degree).

Owing to its more than fifty years long history, the University occupies an outstanding place within the Slovakian educational system not only with the number of its students, offer of accredited study programmes but, particularly, with its significant research and international activities based on extensive cooperation with companies and institutions both in Slovakia and abroad.

The cooperation with foreign universities enables students and university staff to actively participate in LLP/ERASMUS, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, DAAD, COPERNICUS, COST, in 5th, 6th, and 7th Framework programmes and many others.

48 000 graduates have graduated from the University of Žilina, 1 600 of them were from abroad. The University currently houses seven faculties and seven institutes and employs almost 800 university teachers. The total number of employees is 1 450. There are currently about 13 000 students enrolled in all forms of studies.

The University of Žilina has been a member of the European University Association (EUA) since 2000. In 2002 the University went through the evaluation process which was carried out by the representative of the EUA. In academic year 2005/2006 Žilina University as one of two Slovak universities underwent another stage of evaluation, so called follow up EUA evaluation.
Participating in various international organisations and association University of Žilina actively influences the development of European educational and research activities.

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