This year, regarding the Social Inclusion Days (20. nov. - 4. dec.), ESN UNIZA created an amazing SI team!
Lovely and initiative people came up with amazing ideas and so our section can be proud of 4 Social Inclusion events during this period.

We kicked the whole week with a movie session in cooperation with Gama Club, who helped us to screen an inspirational film → Pay it forward, just to get in the mood.

On Tuesday we visited a dog shelter in our city to see how volunteers spend their time with these lovely but lonely animals. We also brought something for them, just like St. Nicolaus uses to bring to us, so little puppies will not be hungry either! Here is also a picture → 

The next day some of our members donated some little food and clothes to the Žilina's Charity, that helps homeless people in the city. This way we wanted to make these people's lives a bit happier, especially during upcoming Christmas time, that reminds everyone of family and warm home which they're missing. 

And the highlight of the week was an event: Get inspired different way. We visited a special primary school in Žilina, spent some playful time with children and left happy and gifted with their cheerful smiles! The school wrote a little article about this activity and mentioned how nice it felt to work with our volunteers, that children enjoyed this creative time and they are open to organising something similar in the future again! Link to the article → 

Seems like we succeeded in leaving our mark! Big ĎAKUJEME to our amazing #SocialInclusionTeam and everyone who helped or participated in any way! 

GiVe OnCe GeT tWiCe!

Written by: Ľubica Košecká