Hello monkeys! ♥

As our Erasmus survival is about to end, it's time to share what we've came through!
Now you have the opportunity to share your best memories with others, tell us stories, funny moments, show crazy pictures - it's completely up to you!
Asking how?
1 - find the Facebook event SHARING MEMORIES in your group,
2 - post there some picture and add a few sentences to explain the background of it (well, some of the pictures don't need an explanation ha-ha :D),
3 - you're done! 
Do not hesitate to share with us whatever you want.
The best memories are going to be rewarded with a prize at the GoodBye Party on Friday and also shared on our official website → uniza.esn.sk 

The ESN UNIZA Team is also expecting some feedback from you, to know what to improve and what to continue on!

Thank you from the bottom of ESNers hearts! ♥ xoxo