With our Erasmuses in Žilina we were discovering another culture during our weekend trip in St. Nicholas period in December. We visit our neighbours on the other end of High Tatras. At the beginning dark side of Polish history specifically Auschwitz left us with mixed feelings - bit fascinating, shocking, depressing. Not without reason is Krakow considered one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Even WWII shook its foundations. Undestroyed city for over seven hundred years captivated us by its harmony of spurring ancient history and being modern at the same time. 


Besides history we also experienced marathon full of interactive tasks prepared by local section and that was just warm up. They prepared especially for us unforgettable ride and party at once in Tram across the whole city centre.


Full of new moments to keep in memory we found our time to have a rest in Water Park. As always we came to the end of the journey and left the bus with same feeling as it was at the beginning. Fascinated, shocked and depressed that our adventure took only a moment.