ESN Slovakia and Orange Slovakia are bringing you the best option for internet and calls - prepaid service called Funfón.


  • 7c/call to other Funfón numbers
  • 7c/min to Slovakia
  • 12c/min to EU
  • SMS: 7c


  • 0,4€/day in whole EU. You pay only days you use it. (there is 200MB of full speed internet per day)

Funfón provides excellent 4G coverage in Slovakia, so you will never be out of the reach.

About Roaming

Roaming has been canceled only for shorter stays abroad and not for stay outside the country for 5 months.

 According to the EU regulation, the operator always controls the use of Roaming for the last 4 months in the back, that is, if someone uses the service more time abroad than at home, he will receive an SMS that alerts him, then he has 14 days to return home, otherwise he will begin to charge roaming charges again, as in the past (8 € / GB)

Erasmus students have a maximum of 2 months in roaming, and then they begin to re-charge their fees and therefore they still need a Slovak Sim card.

You can use for 40c per day with Funfone the Internet throughout the EU, not only in our country, but of course with the fact that abroad for up to 2 months, which is ideal for short trips.

The above applies only to EU + Norway countries, students from other countries have normal roaming fees for us.
The exact rules are on the EU Commission website

Data usage 

Data usage limits in another EU country are also applicable, these limits apply from day one

  • If you have a prepaid card (i.e., you pay for mobile services in advance), you can use roaming at home prices.
  • However, your mobile operator may apply a limit to the volume of roaming data at home prices if you pay a unit price and your home unit price for data is less than EUR 7,70 per GB.)

The above refers to a large number of Erasmus students, since mostly 1GB of data costs them less, more info at the board of the commission.

  • An example of how it works: Jana lives in Slovakia and uses a prepayment card with a credit of EUR 20 (including VAT) for calls, SMS and data services.
  • When leaving for a holiday in Spain, the remaining credit of EUR 12 (excluding VAT) is on the card.
  • This means that during vacation, Jan has a volume of data equal to the value of the remaining credit on his prepaid card.
  • It will therefore be able to use at least 1.5 GB of roaming data (EUR 12 / EUR 7.70 = 1.5).

More information: funfon 


Mini Bluetooth Reproductor

You will get it for free with free Sim card. Ask your buddy for it, or you will received first week in semester in Welcome Week after introduction presentation.