Important announcement!!!

Due to the quick spread of COVID-19 caused by a new type of coronavirus, in order to prevent further
transmission of the disease and recommendations from the University of Žilina and the city of Žilina:

All planned activities and events organised by ESN UNIZA for the next 14 days are cancelled. 
This means that our plans for the Health & Well-being week and some other scheduled activities are not about to be happening until further notice.

The University of Žilina is officially being closed until 22 March 2020* for all students and employees starting today. *further notice
The same is applied to the student city Hliny and similar measures to the dorms in Veľký Diel including the library and the canteen. 

Quarantine measures recommended by the University of Žilina:

  • To maintain domestic isolation;
  • To restrict direct contact with other persons;
  • To monitor one’s health, measure body temperature twice a day (in the morning and evening);
  • In the event of a change in health state (fever, cough, difficulty breathing or sore throat) to contact a general practitioner or first aid facility – medical emergency (in Slovak “LSPP”) by telephone or phone 112;
  • To maintain increased hand hygiene;
  • Not to travel;
  • Not to participate in educational activities;
  • Not to receive visitors. 

Some of the preventive measures in Žilina regarding the spread of the new COVID coronavirus with effect from 10 March to 15 April:

  • Cancellation of all mass social, cultural and sporting events organized by the City of Žilina.
  • Sports meetings of city hockey clubs will be held without spectators.
  • Closure of the Municipal Swimming Pool in Žilina.
  • Cancellation of public skating at the Winter Stadium in Žilina.
  • Cancellation of all public events at the Municipal Theater in Žilina.
  • Additional disinfection of all public transport vehicles.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience. There are some approved cases of the COVID-19 disease in Slovakia already. Most of the universities and cities are making these preventive measures and so is it expected from us. 
Please check your mailbox on a daily basis to stay updated about any changes or other important measures regarding the current situation.
Your buddies are here for you to help if any need and to answer your questions. 
Stay strong!

Your ESN UNIZA team heart