Erasmus report

            “Everything was amazing”

            This was my first time going abroad. To be the honest, at first, I had no idea whether I could adapt the new environment. After all, I am from Taiwan, which has different culture and diet habits. Fortunately, I met a lot of friendly and nice friends. Under their help, I did many bravo things which I never done before. For example: backpacking. Without their encouragement and advice, I do not know when I could finish more and more trip by myself. Because of this marvel trip, I could look for my new goal and explore what I want to do in the future.

            Furthermore, by this chance, I could go to many schools, such as secondary school or elementary school, to make presentations to introduce Taiwan to Slovakia local students. I heard that there were only few people know Taiwan after I arrived here. That was why I want to prepare some funny information to introduce Taiwan. At the process of my presentation, I was very excited. Not only I could narrate Taiwan’s features, but also I could understand the local students’ first impression about Taiwan. I thought this was a win-win situation. They understood Taiwan’s culture briefly and I learnt their view and attitude when they faced the unknown things. It also broadened my horizons.

            As noted above, I made a lot of friends who are from the different countries. I learnt a lot culture about theirs. No matter languages, diet, or mutual hobbies, I got a lot precious experiences. I believe it helps me a lot and let me get better. The last but not least, with this unforgettable memory, I know how to accept different culture and communicate to all types of people. If I could turn back the clock, I would still choose Zilina to start my Erasmus life. After all, there are so many friendly people here.

Chih-Hsiang Chan