Types of tickets

  • A single fare (you are required to have a valid Slovak student card  to buy a discount student ticket) 


                               normal ticket (max 5 stops)      


                         normal ticket (more than 5 stops)


          discount ticket with Slovak student card (max 5 stops)                            


     discount ticket with Slovak student card(more than 5 stops) 



                                   ticket for night buses

  • The bus tickets can be bought at vending machines at the bus stops, in the news stands (normal prices) or from the driver (1,20 for all types of tickets).
  • An SMS ticket you purchase by sending an SMS to the number 1155. The ticket is valid for 60 minutes after receiving a confirmation SMS and it costs 1. It can be also used for night buses.
  • Prepaid ticket for more than one journey is a good option when you need 20+ journeys over a month (mainly students from dormitory Hliny).


                                          Prepaid ticket

  • To get the card, you need to print and fill the Register form attached to this page, go to the student office of your faculty to sign and stamp it and then visit one of the sale points of DPMZ with your ID and a small photo. The card costs 3€. You  can find a complete table of fares of these tickets in the picture below (for example, because you are a student, you have a reduce fare, you want a ticket for 3 months, 40 journeys/month, journey of more than 5 stops, you can choose a ticket for 29/3 months - one ticket costs 0,24 instead of 0,45):

A plan of all lines of local transport you can find also attached to this page.