How to apply for a Residence in Slovakia

  •  at the Foreign Police Department (Immigration Police). Personal attendance is required. 

Janka Kráľa 1628/4, 010 01 Žilina

What must by submitted upon Application:

Application that is not completed shall not be accepted.

All documents must be submitted in original.

All documets must be translated translated to slovak language and verified by the Embassy/Consulate or by Certified Authority.

All document mustn't be ollder than 90 days. 


Documents you will need:


Completed application form - you will receive one directly at the police (fill it in together with your buddy, it must be in Slovak without mistakes!)

visa / passport - you bring that

Criminal record report + translated to Slovak - nonEU citizens has to submit crime record from their home country and country you have lived in last 3 years translated to Slovak with apostil (super legalization)

Confirmation of study at UNIZA - you will receive from the coordinator UNIZA (Not acceptance or invitation letter !)

Proof that you are not a burden for the Slovak economy - you will get it as part of Confirmation of study at UNIZA (there will be a line saying that you are receiving a scholarship / ERAMUS + grand around 300 €) or a bank account balance statement, translated into Slovak, or an affidavit certified by a notary. In Slovak language too.

Accommodation confirmation - you will receive from the hotel

Two passport format photos - you bring that

Payment voucher in the value of 4.5 € - you will pay directly at the police (I will help with that)

Note for nonEU citizens:

after you get your residence permit card you have 30 days to submit Medical report, this will cost you around 150 euros. The waiting times are long and the personal doesn't speak English. 

It would be advantage if you can get this document before you came to Slovakia. However, this document have to be translated as well. 

Attachment Files: